Foo Fighters and Weezer Jamming on KISS Songs

I would have loved to be there for this!!

Foo Fighters and Weezer are wrapping up their tour across Australia. At their stop in Melbourne, Dave Grohl invited Rivers Cuomo on stage to jam on KISS' "Detroit Rock City", with Rivers on vocals and Dave taking the place of both Paul and Ace.

Eagled eared =W= fans know Rivers' love of KISS, as he name checks them on The Blue Album's 8th song, "In The Garage": 

My favorite rock group KISS, 

I've got Ace Frehley, 

I've got Peter Criss, 

Waiting there for me, 

Yes I do, I do


Weezer also tweeted a photo of Rivers rehearsing with the Foos, with the caption: "Absurd amounts of rock, more rock than can be comprehended."

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