Take Me To The Movies: A Fantasic Woman

“A Fantastic Woman” is the frontrunner to win best foreign movie at the Oscars in March. So yes- it is subtitled. This is a one-of-a-kind film in several ways. It’s the story of a young transgender woman whose much older boyfriend suddenly dies. It’s the first movie about a trans woman STARRING a trans woman. Daniela Vega was not even supposed to star. She was brought in as a CONSULTANT. This is NOT a preachy movie. It’s not the story of her transitioning from male to female. It’s the story of the hardships she faces when her boyfriend dies. Not only is she dealing with the loss, she is abused by almost everyone. First, it’s the medical community, which assumes she’s a prostitute who killed a john. Then it’s his family, who throws her out of her boyfriends’ apartment and violently bars her from the funeral. Through it all, she carries herself with dignity. But she’s no doormat. I’ve often said, if a foreign movie opens here, see it, because it’s the best of the best from various countries. “A Fantastic Woman” is a fantastic film!!! 

4 stars

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