Movies: The Post, Paddington 2, The Commuter

“The Post”- going wide this weekend , this is the very first Steven Spielberg-Meryl Streep-Tom Hanks collaboration.

You could call this the prequel to “All The Presidents’ Men”.. and it’s so prescient in today’s political world. Meryl Streep stars as “Washington Post” publisher Katherine Graham with Tom Hanks portraying editor Ben Bradlee. It’s 1971 and “The Washington Post” is not yet a renowned newspaper. “The Post” is playing catch-up with “The New York Times” which has the nation enthralled with its leak of the Pentagon papers , which detail how the U.S. is losing the ever—escalating Vietnam war. At the time, this was a gazillion times bigger than Wikileaks. When the courts order “The New York Times” to stop publishing more, “The Washington Post” takes on the fight for freedom of the press.

This 50-million dollar movie has Oscar written all over it, but so far has been snubbed, save for The National Board of Review, which named it best picture…and no one seems to know who’s a member of this group. The performances are all top notch, of course & it’s a great history lesson. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 87% approval.

3 stars


“Paddington 2”… I didn’t see and now I’m actually sorry I didn’t give up night’s sleep because this sequel has a rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone I know who has seen it is raving about how it’s so heartwarming and perfect for kids & adults . Hugh Grant returns along with Sally Hawkins, who competes with herself this weekend, because she also stars in the wonderful “The Shape Of Water” which is an Oscar shoo-in.


“The Commuter”.. I also missed this Liam Neeson mystery/thriller, which also stars Vera Farmiga, Sam Neil, Elizabeth McGovern and from “Sons Of Anarchy” & “Better Call Saul”: Jonathan Banks. It gets an “eh” 57% on Rotten Tomatoes.


On “Sonstein Sunday”: the director of the foreign film “The Insult” which has been short-listed to be nominated as best foreign film at the Oscars. It’s the first Lebanese film EVER to be Oscar short-listed.

3 stars

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