Like Green Day sings "Hitchin' A Ride"

A driver on Staten Island caught something on video that people who aren't from New York have probably never experienced: fare beaters hitching a ride on the back of the bus. Not running through the back doors while someone is exiting, but actually climbing up on the bumper, grabbing the back vents and holding on for dear life. Now if you were in Manhattan this wouldn't be all that dangerous. You can pretty much walk faster than the crosstown buses. But along Richmond Ave, it's a whole other story.


Now while all of the news people are clamoring over each other, asking for permission to use the video on the 11pm news, not one of them asked the more important question: WHY WAS KEVIN FILMING WHILE DRIVING?? The phone isn't in a mount. The passenger isn't holding the phone. Is Kevin going to get points on his license and a $500 ticket??

Well it could always be worse. Like this:

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