Take Me To The Movies: Downsizing, Pitch Perfect 3, The Post


“Downsizing”.. one of the most creative movies of the year. A sci-fi comedy about a team that  invented the solution to the environmental crisis. Downsizing, making humans into miniatures. Permanently. Most of the human going for it did it to get rich. Matt Damon stars with Kristen Wigg and a wonderful Cristoph Waltz . It gets  an “A” for creativity but it was wayyyyy too long and not as strong as I  had hoped from co-writer/director alexander payne- who also gave us  “Sideways” and “About Schmidt”.


3 stars


“Pitch Perfect 3”…. Stupid plot but always entertaining as a chick flick with great music and the addition of  DJ Khaled and John Lithgow. As usual, the movie need more Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks. 


2 stars


“The Post”… you could call this the prequel to “All The Presidents’ Men”.. and so prescient in today’s   political world. Meryl Streep  & Tom Hanks star- she’s the publisher he’s the editor Ben Bradlee rat “the Washington post”, which at the time was NOT a renowned newspaper.  It’s 1971 and "The New York Times” leaks the Pentagon Papers, which detail how the US is losing the Vietnam War but escalating nonetheless. When the courts order “The New York Times” to stop leaking more, “The WashingtonPost” takes on the fight for freedom of the press.


3-and-half stars


“Hostiles”…  this is unlike any western you’ve ever seen. A 180 degree turn from John Wayne and “Bonanza” with a lesson of healing we could use in today’s world. It’s 1892 and a just-about-to retire calvary officer, an incredible Christian Bale,  is ordered to lead a dying Cheyenne war chief & his family home.  Joining them is a woman (a sensational Rosamund Pike) who watched her entire family killed by another indian tribe. Great performances. But  too long and lags in spots.


3 stars


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