We Finally Learn How To Pronounce Carmine Appice's Name

Carmine Appice

For decades fans have wondered exactly how to pronounce the surname for Carmine and Vinny Appice. A-piece? App-a-cee? Carmine pronounces it one way, while Vinny says it a different way. No wonder we've been confused for decades. Well we hear it straight from the source. 

Did you know Vanilla Fudge was one of the first bands to play with Led Zeppelin, with Zeppelin opening! We find out how that happened. And KISS found their inspiration after seeing Carmine's other band, Cactus, play with Alice Cooper.

Well the brothers Appice have a new album out, their first joint album, called Sinister. The album is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio as well as the second track on the album, 'Monsters And Heroes' 

Pick up Sinister wherever you by albums. It's on CD and double LP. And the artwork is amazing!!


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