Movies: The Shape Of Water, The Disaster Artist

“The Shape Of Water” is Guillermo Del Toro’s latest masterpiece- on my top 5 of year. It’s a “Beauty & the  Beast” set during the Cold War... A magical love story of a mute cleaner at a super secret military research facility (Sally Hawkins will get her nomination) who falls in love with a merman-like beast – complete with a nude sex scene. She has to act only using her face &  body.. quite the fete. Richard Jenkins is spectacular as an  in-the-closet bff/neighbor. Go-to-villain Michael Shannon is the  agent  out to  learn everything about the merman, before offing him. Octavia Spencer of “The Help” fame is the bff @ on the job.

This is a fantasy – so you just have to go with it.  It’s amazing.


4 stars


”The Disaster Artist”: You really need to know the backstory to this one to fully appreciate. I did not  so was in  Huh-zone  for the first half. It’s the  story behind what’s called the Citizen Kane of Bad Movies, a 2003 movie called “The Room” which is a  drama so bad, it keep audiences laughing hysterically throughout- a mini cult classic about to re-explode as a result of this movie. James  Franco directs, produces and stars as millionaire movie maker Tommy Wiseau. Franco just won a Gotham award for best actor for this movie. There’s a who’s who of Hollywood dropping in and out of the film. James’ younger bro, Dave, co-stars along with a spot-on, Seth Rogen. About an hour in, I found it laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe if you’re a  fan of “The Room”, you’ll laugh sooner. Critics LOVE this one.  It’s not  on my top 5 but I did, ultimately, like it. Some of the best moments  are at the very end.


2-and-a-half stars


Going wide: my FAVORITE movie of the year.  True, I haven’t yet seen them all, but am am close!

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri” is the best Coen brothers movie they never made. Frances McDormand is my  Oscar pick as a mom who’s out to find the man who raped and murdered her only daughter. After the police chief failed to solve it, she paid to put up three billboards calling him out. Woody Harrelson is magnificent as the  police chief.  You actually root for them both. Sam Rockwell should also be an awards nominee as one of the cops on the force. This  is one dark comedy but a comedy it is. Brilliant. Must see. 


4 stars!!!


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