Take Me To The Movies: Justice League

"Justice League”- It’s not as bad as last year’s “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” but  “Justice League” is just not fun - not even with the addition of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, who is a bright spot, along with Ezra Miller as The Flash. Aquaman is funny, at times, played by “Game Of Thrones” star Jason Momoa. But everyone is just thrown together with not great special FX. The film has a very dark feel- visually- not at all like the joyful wildly entertaining “Wonder Woman”. But if you go, hang in til the end of the credits for a surprise that gives me hope the next “Justice League” will be more entertaining.


2 stars



“Mudbound” - You’ll be hearing a lot of talk about Mary J. Blige and her strong performance as the matriarch of a Black family of sharecroppers sharing a Mississippi delta farm with a White family with both families sending a member off to fight World War 2. There’s a big cast but each character is fully developed in this racially-charged story. One scene in particular is brutally difficult to watch. My problem is this 2-plus hour film from Netflix unfolds at a very slow pace. Better editing would have made this very good film great. Carey Mulligan stars with Garret Hedlund and from “Breaking Bad”, Jonathan Banks.


3 stars

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