Gilbert Gottfried Lightens The Mood On A Tough Morning

Shelli said it best this morning, we NEEDED Gilbert this morning. He brought us together 16 years ago, lightening the national mood after the attacks and again today, getting us through another tough morning.  

Complaining over his breakfast, cleaning out Jim's office of his free promotional goods, not accepting a compliment, Gilbert makes it all funny. Even not being able to tell his wife that he loves her, opting for a terse "F-U", you hear the humor behind it. 

Want to know more about the man behind the comedic voice? Check out the new documentary, simply titled "Gilbert", playing at the IFC now. It's a touching movie. Very different than the man you hear on the radio or in the movies. 

Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

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