Happy Halloween From Cult Leader All Father Jim

Jim Kerr had no idea that he'd be attending Grumpy Joe's Halloween party over the weekend. The thing is, he really wasn't there. In the flesh anyway. 

Jim starred in a really, really, (did we mention really) low budget film as a cult leader. Poster of Jim in his costume were printed onto posters to be used as props. Well two of those props made their way to Joe's apartment, where they were used as Halloween decorations.  

He's still not quite sure what his role in this film is but he does make a good Cult Leader. All Father Jim sounds a little too pretentious. Maybe Brother Jim? Uncle Jim? Second cousin, twice removed Jim? We'll get back to you on that...

The thing is, Jim doesn't like dressing up for Halloween so this might be the closest thing we'll see to him in costume. 

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Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

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