Geddy Lee Says He'll "Have to Feed the Beast," Record, Tour Again Someday

Rush bassist and frontman Geddy Lee says he's enjoying life as a "normal person," but he also knows that he'll have to play live music again at some point.

Lee tells The Big Interview with Dan Rather that the past year or so since Rush's final(?) tour has been the first time he's seen the seasons change at his Toronto home since he was a teenager.

And while he reiterates that Rush will probably never tour again, at the same time, he knows his rock 'n' roll nature will eventually demand he write new music and get back on stage. 

"I'm really not in a hurry," he tells Rather. "And I know there will come a time when I have to feed the beast, when I have to get down in the studio and write."

Writing music isn't something he's stopped doing entirely since shelving Rush in 2015. 

"And I still go down there and put ideas on tape, and I know they're not going anywhere. So when the moment is right, and it feels right and I'm ready to go out and do battle out there, then I'll put something together and I'll go do that."

Rather followed up asking if Lee would ever release new music and not tour? But Lee says that's not his style.

"Probably a bit of both...Invariably if I put music together that I'm proud of, I'll want to play it for someone."

Lee also discusses Rush's incredible longevity, the band's cult appeal, as well as his home life, his family history and his obsession with baseball.

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