Ozzy Osbourne Says He Has 'About Seven Songs' For Next Album

Ozzy Osbourne says he has material for a new solo album, but he's still on the fence about recording it.

The legendary heavy metal frontman retired Black Sabbath earlier this year and quickly pivoted back to touring as a solo artist. But he said in September that recording a new album seems like a "waste of money."

In a recent interview, Osbourne tells Full Metal Jackie he has about seven songs written, "But you don't sell records anymore. [It's] not cost effective to make a record."

At least two of his new solo songs have names, "Mr. Armageddon" and "Crack Cocaine."

He clarified, saying that because the past few years of his life have been so consumed by Black Sabbath, he hasn't put a great deal of thought into another solo album. 

"We did make a Black Sabbath record with Rick Rubin, 13, which was our first No. 1, both solo and with Black Sabbath, ever in America," he recalls.

While Ozzy is unsure about the logistics of recording a new album, ultimately, he confesses that it's not really up to him. 

When asked about touring plans in 2018, he responded, "Ask the boss: my wife."

And the singer remains amazed at the career he's made for himself.

"I remember when Black Sabbath's first album got in the charts and I remember thinking, 'I'll be all right for a couple of years.' And here we are forty-nine years later, I'm still doing it."

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