Just Because You're On Jeopardy Doesn't Mean You Know Everything

You have to be pretty smart to make it on to Jeopardy. They don't just take anybody. Before you make it to the television, there are phone calls, an online test, an interview, and even a mock game test. Big E tried out and went pretty far, but never made the show. And he's the smartest person we know. Yes... I'm kissing ass...

So after all that, you'd expect that the contestants must be downright geniuses; well versed in lots of subjects. 

But here we are... On Monday night's episode, all three players blew the entire category on the NFL without getting a single question right:


Now I'll admit I'm not the best on sports knowledge, but at least I know the Colorado Rockies are a BASEBALL team!! Someone dropped the ball on the screening process.

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