Interview: Scorpions Talk 50 Years of Love From the Fans


More than 50 years after the band began, business for Scorpions is as good as it ever was. 

Guitarist Matthias Jabs and drummer Mikkey Dee joined Q104.3's "Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show" to talk about the band's incredible career, the undying love it gets from its worldwide fanbase and the miracle worker who cured Jabs' smoking habit. 

Dee, the group's newest member, addressed how he was hired by Scorpions shortly after his former band, Mötörhead, broke up following the death of Lemmy Kilmister.   

"It's not easy to step into a band that's been running so long, you know?" Dee explains. "They have their ways, but it clicked right away, really. You can kind of feel that."

Jabs adds that Dee was the band's first choice to fill the opening. Former drummer James Kottak was dealing with health problems and couldn't continue touring.  

"It reminds me a little bit of when I joined in 1978. I was called in for a jam session. And for some reason, I had the sense, 'I better listen to some of their songs.' So when we jammed, they played Scorpions songs only and luckily I knew how they were going and that was the trick."

Support from the fans has been heartwarming, Dee says. But Jabs notes that it's always been that way.

"We have, I don't know, at least 50 Scorpions beer brands—Scorpions beer brands from all over the world. They especially make [them] when we're coming to town, I guess.

"It's huge and the audiences are very young, too, very young people, which is great for us!"

Watch the full interview above!

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