Gene Simmons Will Personally Deliver 'The Vault' Box Set to Your Home

Along with his massive new box set, KISSGene Simmons has unveiled a number of experiences for fans...if they have the money.

The Vault box set already includes rare photos, stories, 150-songs including "never-released-before" tunes written and performed by Simmons and other "notable rock 'n' roll artists," including the Alex and Eddie Van Halen.

But Simmons is adding value by delivering the set to fans in a variety of pricey albeit creative ways.  

For a mere $2,000, you can attend one of 21 "Vault Experiences." You get your box set, plus a "songs and stories" playback, Q&A and one-on-one photos and autographs.

For $25,000, fans get one of 11 "Producer Experiences," including an hour with Simmons in a recording studio. You and Gene listen to tracks from The Vault and you also get an executive producer credit on The Vault.

And finally, for $50,000, you can save yourself the travel and invite Simmons to your home to party for a couple hours, along with 25 friends! 

Get more information and order you Gene Simmons Vault experience here

Photo: Getty Images

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