Movies: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

“Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind” re-mastered - it’s the 40th anniversary of the classic  which was written and directed by Steven Spielberg. It was his 2nd   movie after “Jaws”, which came out 2 years earlier.   A sci-fi classic  dealing with UFO’s,  “Close Encounters” brought 30  (!!!!) year old  Spielberg his very first Oscar nom. Richard Dreyfuss starred, along with  Terri Carr as his disbelieving wife .  Back in ’77,  “Ther Hollywood  Reporter” called the  film “Terrific”. “The New York Times” says it was  the best and most spectacular 1950’s science fiction film ever made. It  could 20 mil to make. A pittance for today’s Hollywood.  It’s  2-hours-and 20 minutes worthy of every minute of your time.



“I Do, Until I Don’t”…written & directed  & starring the very talented  Lake Bell. Unfortunately, I cannot  tell you to say “I Do”  to this  ensemble film,  despite an all-star  cast that could otherwise entice you. Ed Helms stars as Lake Bell’s  hubby. Mary Steenburgen and Paul Reiser play a couple on the verge of  divorce while Amber Heard plays a hippie who says she doesn’t believe in  monogamy. They’re all brought together by a  director who’s out to   make a film supporting her belief that marriage should be a 7-year  contract with an option to renew.  Very predictable , though funny in  spots.  I’m still waiting for Lake Bell’s masterpiece, because I know  she has one in her. 


1-and-a-half stars

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