What Does Your Favorite Mötley Crüe Song Say About You?

Mötley Crüe called it quits a couple of years ago, but the band left us with nine studio albums, released from 1981 to 2008, and around 100 songs. 

Crüe wrote about a variety of subjects: getting along with women, getting along with drugs, not getting along with women, Los Angeles, not getting along with drugs and, obviously, rock 'n' roll.

We've plucked some of the most popular songs from the band's catalog and determined what it says about you if that song is your favorite. Check it out below and let us know in the comments if your favorite song wasn't included!

1. "Live Wire"

You're the life of the party. You're always busy and you can multitask with ease! But you're impatient. You like a good heavy metal riff, and you don't read much into lyrics because you're too busy rockin'!


2. "Primal Scream"

You're a patient person, you're stable, you're fine. Of course you've swept a few things under the rug in your past, but you're doing well now. You've got a job, a significant other/dog to keep you company. Sometimes you get overwhelmed. But when life feels chaotic or if you're feeling down, one thing that always quiets the shrieking demons terrorizing your subconscious is some guttural bellowing of your own. Works. Every. Time. Okay, let's move on!


3. "Same Old Situation"

Humor and affection are among your best qualities. You're friends like going places with you, but you get restless easily. You're curious and you want to experience everything there is as long as you're here. Long-term commitments aren't your thing. Let's face it: you won't read to the end of this article and probably won't even make it to this part of the paragraph.


4. "Shout at the Devil"

You're quiet and an introvert. Riding a motorcycle through a ring of fire and getting chicks to notice you is cool and all. But you prefer an evening at home, sipping tea and watching a movie with your cat, Little Beelzebub, in your lap. He looks so cute when he sleeps!


5. "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Always the confident type, you have no trouble approaching new people and asking things of them. You're chivalrous and charming. You make friends easily, and you're positive that Ginger likes you and isn't just acting that way because it's literally her job. 


6. "Dr. Feelgood"

You pay attention to details. You're good at puzzles and hardly anything gets by you. Everything in your life that is under your control is kept neat and organized. You're a communicator and look for goodness in others. But you've been meaning to talk to Jimmy about his rat-tail; I mean, who has a rat-tail anymore?


7. "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)"

You want to get along with everybody, but if people aren't cooperative, you're liable to hold a grudge. You'd rather spend some time apart than argue, but you just can't stand it when people act stupid—like tourists. Oh, don't get us started on tourists!


8. "Looks That Kill"

You're passionate, assertive and determined. You have morals and you stick to them. Whenever you come upon a group of sexy ladies imprisoned by a post-apocalyptic dominatrix, you definitely help.


9. "Kickstart My Heart"

When you get high, you get high on speed (figuratively...we assume). You're fun! You like to travel and meet new people—anything for a good time. Honesty is important to you, even if it rubs some people the wrong way, like your parole officer.


10. "Home Sweet Home"

People rely on you, and that's one of the best qualities you see in yourself. You're disciplined but sometimes you just need to escape your responsibilities. It's hard to get out of bed some mornings; besides the brutal hangover, you battle the heavy feeling that those morons at work couldn't get anything done without you around.


11. "Smokin' in the Boys Room"

You're independent. You're aware of the rules and how to break them. Lots of states don't allow smoking indoors, but that doesn't matter to your. You're a badass and everyone from high school knew it! Boredom comes easily to you and breakin' the rulez is a as good a way as any to create some excitement Like just now we spelled RULEZ with a Z and stopped using punctuation WOW WAHT A RUSH!!1 !


12. "Wild Side"

You're spiritual. Maybe you're not the fire-and-brimstone kind, but wisdom and compassion are definitely important to you. Because you're selfless and kind, you wind up making friends with people from wildly different walks of life. However, many of those people scare you, especially the trash queens. You didn't even know that was a thing, but it is, and it's terrifying


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