Ann Wilson Says There's No Plan for a Heart Reunion

About one year removed from Heart's last tour, Ann Wilson says she and her sister Nancy Wilson have no plans to get the band back together.

Heart began its hiatus on sour terms after an incident in which Ann's husband, Dean Wetter, assaulted Nancy's two teenage sons backstage at a concert. The incident caused a rift between the sisters, who reportedly stopped speaking and began using separate dressing rooms for the first time in their 40-plus-year career together.

"We're doing our own thing now, and we don't have a deadline," Ann tells 710 WOR New York's Mark Simone of a potential Heart reunion. 

In April, Wetter pleaded guilty to two counts of assault. He was sentenced to pay restitution, undergo counseling and have no contact with his nephews. The judge in the case also suspended Wetter's 364-day jail sentence contingent on him completing his probation.

Ann didn't elaborate on the legal drama. But she did offer some insight into the unique dynamics of touring as a member of a band like Heart, as opposed to being billed as a solo artist.

"Well, at some point it's gonna blow a gasket, you know?" she says. "Something's gotta give. But the point now is that I get to come out here and do this really refreshing, liberating thing of my own. It's really good for me as a person and as a singer. I'm just really getting off on discovering who I am by myself."

While Ann has been embarking on solo jaunts this year, her sister Nancy has been working on a new band called Roadcase Royale, which features several members of Heart, as well as former members of Prince's band.

Ann also discussed why she prefers touring in a "coach" or RV, as opposed to sleeping in a new hotel room every night. She also talks about how she keeps her voice in shape and how she warms up before performances.

Go to the 23:13 mark in the podcast below to hear the full interview with Ann Wilson!

Get all of Ann's tour dates at her official website here.


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