Movies: Atomic Blond, And Inconvenient Sequel

“Atomic Blonde”- Just like she did in “Mad Max: Fury Road”, Charlize Theron kicks ass as a British spy sent to Berlin to bring down a spy ring on  the eve of the  collapse of the Berlin wall. Charlize IS the female James Bond. Period. In physicality, looks, style- hell- even when it comes to romance. Like Bond, this spy loves women. Her ONLY sex scenes are with a woman- and UNLIKE 007, her scenes are  undressed. Co-starring : Sofia Boutella, who played the Mummy in the latest “Mummy” movie . James McAvoy is great too. “Atomic Blonde” is the bomb. Perfect summer entertainment. And what great music- the same great rock songs Jim & I played back in the day on that other radio station. I loved it. 

4 stars


“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power”…11 years after Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary woke up the world to climate change, he’s back, this time with more hope and more answers on the issue that became his mission more than 30 years ago when virtually no one was mentioning global warming, much less climate change. His interest in climate change dates back to college. It’s really the Al Gore after politics doc. Even those who disagree will be impressed by his passion and devotion. Gore has trained an army of 10-thousand to go out and spread his gospel. By the way, Snapchat is offering pairs of free tickets to those under 18.

3 stars  


“Brigsby Bear”…Getting higher ratings on Rotten Tomatoes than the well-reviewed “Atomic Blonde” & “An Inconvenient Sequel”- this movie is the creation of  current (4 seasons) “Saturday Night Live” star Kyle Mooney, directed by his boyhood buddy and SNL writer, Dave McCary (who  both  guest  this week on “Sonstein Sunday” and the IHeartradio podcast “Sonstein Sessions”).  This is one quirky movie. Ok. Try to stay with me. Kyle Mooney stars as a young adult who is obsessed with the kiddie tv show “Brigsby Bear”, which was created only for him by his parents. Except they’re not his parents. They kidnapped him as a baby and have him in isolation- believing his family is among the few survivors of a catastrophic event that has left the outside air unbreathable. His world is rocked when he’s returned to his real parents. Co-starring: Mark Hammill; Claire Danes; Greg Kinnear and Andy Samberg. 

2-and-a-half stars

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