Teen's Summer Bucket List Puts Us All To Shame

What's on your Summer 2017 Bucket List? Prune the hedges? Clean out the garage? Spend a week down the shore? Well one teen's plans for this summer put all of us to shame.

Left in a changing room at Urban Outfitters, posted to twitter, she's got some lofty plans:


Get a tan. Check. Make a summer playlist. Check. Decorate room. Check. Road trip, pet a giraffe, go to a drive-in movie. All great plans. But she doesn't stop there. "Get drunk all the time" has a check mark next to it. So does "Hook up with Jacob (again). I even learned a new phrase, "crossfaded" which she wants to do 17 times. In fact, she has lots of specifics here: buy 7 bikinis, take 8 "hoe" pics for Instagram, give two... well you know.

Ahh to be young again!

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