The Latest Musician To Get Into The Food Industry

A lot of musicians have found a second income stream by breaking into the food and beverage industry. Probably the most famous is Sammy Hagar with his Cabo Wabo brand tequila. Iron Maiden have their Trooper beer. And I found AC/DC's Rock or Bust beer on the shelves in Jersey City.

Bon Jovi is selling pasta sauces. Speaking of sauce, Joe Perry, Michael Anthony, and Dexter Holland from the Offspring, are all have a line of hot sauces.

Back to drinks, KISS has their Rocket Fizz cola and Dave Mustane from Megadeth recently got into the beer world with his À Tout Le Monde from the Quebec based Unibroue.

a tour le monde

And who could forget the master of the food and beverage service industry, Jimmy Buffett, with his Cheeseburger In Paradise restaurant chain and his Land Shark beer.

And now we have Kenny G who is partnering with a gin manufacturer to sell Kenny G+Ts.  The headline on the press release says "Great Sax, Smooth Gin" I would have gone with "Rock out with your sax out...". AND... that's why I'm not working in marketing. 

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