Movies: The Mummy, Megan Leavey, It Comes At Night

“The Mummy”…Why do we even need another “Mummy” movie??? The first was the Boris Karloff  classic in 1932. There were 3 “Mummy” movies in the 40’s. Abbott & Costello did a comedy in ’55. There was  one in ’88- and then came the 3 Brendan Fraser “Mummy” movies. And now we have the start of a new “Mummy” franchise starring Tom Cruise. Why oh why was this movie made? It’s not scary, it’s  not entertaining  and despite a few attempts, it’s not funny.  What it is: bloated with CGI. I couldn’t wait for it to end. Leave this “Mummy” UN-wrapped!!!

 1 star


"Megan Leavey”.. Kate Mara stars in real life story of a young Valley Cottage woman who joined the Marines and ultimately trained and teamed with a German Shepherd. Together, they went on more than 100 bomb/weapons sniffing  missions in Iraq til both were wounded by an IED. Megan’s next mission was to bring her beloved friend home with her. It took intervention from Senator Charles Schumer to get done what should have been a no-brainer.  Schumer should have played himself, btw. This is a really touching , wonderful story with a strong performance by Kate Mara. Common also stars along with Edie Falco as her mom and Will Patton as her dad. We  could use more uplifting movies like “Megan Leavey”.

3 stars


“It Comes At Night”.. while this one is  billed as a horror movie,  I see it more as a post-apocalyptic thriller.  Very tense- very dark. Bleak.  Joel Edgarton is the patriarch of a family  trying to survive a pandemic that is wiping out humankind. Rather than focusing on the plague, this is the story of one family’s fight to survive and what  it’s like for a teenager to grow up in a dying world. This family of three takes in a NYC family of 3- Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough plays the young mom.  Neither family fully trusts the other .  YOU know this can’t end well.  The ending is a stunner. This is the opposite of a feel-good film but it’s so well done. Bring  your anti-depressant.

3-and-a-half stars


“The Hero”…Sam Elliott gets a rare  leading role as a dying actor who had one great Western  before he was relegated  to  voicing barbecue commercials. It’s a been there/done that, storywise , with Krysten Ritter as his estranged daughter and  real-life wife Katherine Ross making a rare performance as his ex. Laura Prepon of “That 70’s Show” and “Orange Is The New Black” is his  new love. Elliott is great- but  the story is tired.

2 stars

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