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“Wonder Woman”...and it only took 76 years to make!! That’s when psychologist William Moulton created Wonder Woman. Close to 40 years after we were first introduced to Christopher Reeve’s Superman, “Wonder Woman” has finally arrived and has already made history. It’s not only the first DC comics movie ever centered around a woman- it’s the first ever live-action big budget film DIRECTED by a woman, Patty Jenkins (best known for directing “Monster” 14 years ago with Charlize Theron winning a best actress Oscar).

Israel’s Gal Gadot is flawless as Wonder Woman.  This  is the story of the other Princess Diana- the DC comics Princess Diana, who grew up on island of all female warrior, led by a fierce Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen, Diana’s mom and aunt. She’s led to her destiny when an American  World War 1 American spy (played by Chris Pine) crashes into the sea surrounding her island. 

“Wonder Woman” is more than kick-ass action and herosim. It’s about humanity- more so than any of the other Fanboy movies.  It has lots of  humor- some of it suggestive. And if you’re wondering about the PG-13  rating, there’s no bloodshed in the violence.   It’s pure  comic book.  The only flaw I could find in this 2 –hour-20-minute film is the overly CGI’ed climax.

“Wonder Woman” is not only the best movie of the summer, it will turn a generation (or two or 3)  into fangirls. I can’t wait for more.

 4 stars


“Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” – which I did not see. Based on the best-selling book series, this animated movie is voiced by Kevin Hart, Ed Helms, Jordan Peele and Nick Krall. It’s the story of two overly imaginative pranksters who hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s s super hero.

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