Take Me To The Movies: “Alien: Covenant”

“Alien: Covenant”  is the best “Alien” movie since the first groundbreaking film, close to 40 years ago. Blessedly not in 3-D, not that it needs it.   Would have been overkill  with all the gore and bloodiness, which to me, is part of the charm of  this franchise, which by the way, is now up to 6 films. Like “Prometheus” from 2012, “Covenant” is directed by the creator of the “Alien” franchise, Ridley Scott- the man  also behind the classic “Blade Runner”, Oscar winner and trailblazer “Thelma & Louise” and “The Gladiator”.  “Covenant”, like “Prometheus”, is a prequel – this  one taking place ten years later.

This time, the aliens claw their way out of the backs- not the fronts. Otherwise, this is old school “Alien”, all the  way with really no new tricks- but it doesn’t matter. The familiar feels great here- the franchise finally returned to its roots. Even Sigourney Weaver is back- in voice only. An instantly recognizable voice.

Ridley Scott is known for this strong female  characters and this time, the star is Katherine Waterston. Yes, Jim Kerr, her dad IS Sam Waterston of “Law & Order” fame. I first saw Katherine in the Johnny Depp film “Inherent Vice” and she was the film standout with  maybe the sexiest scene of the year. You may also remember her from “Boardwalk Empire”. James Franco and Billy Crudup  also star along with Michael Fassbender- the android.  

I won’t give any spoilers but you leave absolutely knowing a 7th “Alien” movie is on the way. And while Ridley Scott has promised 2  more “Aliens”, he is also quoted as saying there may be SIX more after this. I say bravo to that!!!


3 stars


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