The Sad Reason Avocados Are Getting Warning Labels in Some Places

Amateur cooks in the UK apparently have such trouble cutting avocados in half and removing their pits that a number of doctors are calling for warning labels on the fruit.

A group of British surgeons say they have seen a shocking rise in avocado-prep-related injuries from hapless, knife-wielding home chefs, according to The Times of London in a piece titled "Holy guacamole, that's got to hurt!"

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is demanding a warning label. Doctors at one London hospital have even grown to expect a "post-brunch surge" in avocado-related injuries on Saturdays, according to the Times.

There's even an industry term for it: "avocado hand."

The New York Post notes that avocados are "actually quite healthy if consumers can manage to remove the skin and pit without also removing their own fingers."

One surgeon is recommending the label include directions on how NOT to slice an avocado.


Photo: Getty Images

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