Listen to Geddy Lee's Flawless Isolated Bass Tracks for "YYZ" by RUSH

One of the most important things we do here on a daily basis, I dare say, is celebrate Rush.

But to those of you who can't stand Geddy Lee's high tenor vocals, listening to his isolated bass tracks from one of Rush's most famous, jaw-dropping displays of musicianship should cure what ails you.

Geddy's bass tone is gorgeous -- chewy, mid-rangey and insanely clear. 

While the bass is pretty hot in the mix on the version of "YYZ" that the band released on 1981's Moving Pictures, it's cool to hear Geddy's finger-style attack stripped bare of the other instruments on the track (except some drums).

One of the most difficult things for a finger-style bassist to do when it comes to recording is making sure every note rings out clearly and at a volume consistent with the previous note. Geddy aptly handles that challenge with both his right and left hands perfectly in sync.

Check out the isolated bass version below and a live version below that.


Photo: Getty Images

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