Jim Kerr Is Having An Up And Down Day

Jim Kerr had a late night. He was out late for a meeting, and then was peer-pressured into hitting the bar afterwards. He wouldn't outright say that on the air, but you could read between the lines. 

The proof is what Shelli noticed: He wore the same clothes today as he did yesterday. Turns out, she was right. Jim took off his clothes, threw them on the floor, passed out, woke up, picked those clothes off the floor, got dressed, and came to work. And that would have been it, had today not been a terrific spring like day. Jim was dressed for yesterday, cold and 49 degrees outside.

But then things started to look up. A report came in saying the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was parked outside Q1043. 

You could see the joy on Jim's face:


Unfortunately his joy was short lived...

Might just be best to crawl back into bed and hope that tomorrow's Hump Day will live up to its name...

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Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show

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