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“The Circle” stars Emma Watson  of “Harry  Potter” fame, Tom Hanks , Patton Oswalt,  & “Star War’s” John Boyega  in a cautionary tale amid our always-connected/social media-obsessed  world. 

Based on a Dave Eggers novel, Emma Watson is hired by the world’s biggest tech/social media company which aims to not only keep everyone connected at all times but to know everything about its subscribers. Not just where you are or who you’re with but every single thing about your health & body. Emma Watson’s character, Mae, volunteers to wear her Circle camera at all times- so the world see everything she sees..and everything she does.  Except for 3 minute bathroom breaks. What can possibly go wrong??!! The plot gets predictable- you KNOW tragedy is coming. And you also know all this will backfire. It’ll get you thinking & questioning. This is a good movie that could have been great.


2-and-a-half stars


On “Sonstein Sunday” this week, the directors of  “Bang - The Bert Berns Story” narrated by Steven Van Zandt.  This is a man who should be a household name. He wrote “Twist & Shout”; “Hang on Sloopy”; “Brown-Eyed Girl” and “Piece Of My Heart”. Why don’t we know  him? Find out Sunday morn @ 7am.


Also,  Shelli speaks with the inspiration for the “Rocky” movies, The Bayonee Bleeder, Chuck Wepner. The movie “Chuck” starring Live Schreiber, opens NEXT Friday. 

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