Movies: The Promise, Born In China, Unforgettable

“The Promise”

A love triangle set amid a modern day genocide not widely known and still denied: the pre-world war one genocide of one-and-a-half million Armenians. Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac star as the two men in love with newcomer Charlotte Le Bon..It’s epic, educational and heart-breaking – only getting a little-too-over-the top near the end. Also starring and guesting on “Sonstein Sunday” at 7:15 “The Green Mile” and “Babe” star: James Cromwell.

 3 stars


“Born in China”  

Almost every year, Disney Nature comes out with an incredible Earth Day film (Earth Day is tomorrow) and part of the first week’s ticket sales goes to The World Wildlife Fund”. This year’s amazing offering is shot in a remote part of China even most Chinese haven’t visited. The scenery is extraordinary but even more so is the upfront filming of pandas, snow leopards and snub-nosed monkeys, shot over a one year period- all following a mom and her offspring. Breathtaking. But I have to warn you of a Bambi moment with one of the moms- for the super-sensitive kids.  If they can handle that- this is one of best family pics of the year!!!

 4 stars



A “Fatal Attraction” in reverse cuz it’s the ex-wife, Katherine Heigel who is terrorizing the betrothed of her ex-hubby. Rosario Dawson is the fiancée.  Non-household name Geoff Stults is the man they’re warring over. He  was Ben on “7th  Heaven” years more than 10 years ago. This one is sooo bad it’s good.  The critics  in my screening audience  howled with laughter …and it’s NOT a comedy. It’s so over the top with every cliche in the book. A true guilty pleasure!  So bad- it’s good.  “Unforgettable” may be unforgettable at the Razzie awards this year for  the worst of 2017. 

1 star


Also opening : the doc “Citizen Jane”- a David  vs. Goliath  story of  early 60’s NYC urban activist Jane Jacobs, who  defeated Robert Moses’ plans for a crosstown expressway on what’s now Canal Street- She also defeated  Moses’ plans to destroy Washington  Square Park and  his plans to tear down the West Village. This is not just an urban history lesson of NYC, it’s a how-to manual for today’s  activists. And it has great pics of a NYC gone by. The director of the  doc, Matt Tyrnauer, is my 7am guest on “Sonstein Sunday”..and if you  miss you can catch my interviews on the IHeartradio app under “Sonstein Sessions”...key word Shelli or Sonstein.

3-and-a-half stars

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