Grumpy Joe Is A Parlez-Vous Traitor

We're not quite sure what happened to Grumpy Joe. We mean, he's always been the contrarian, but this is ridiculous. He's openly rooting for the Montreal Canadiens to win against the home team, our New York Rangers. Was it that first bite of smoked meat and poutine? Maybe there were mind altering drugs in his maple syrup? How does this happen?

On Wednesday, before Game 1 of the NHL Playoffs, Grumpy Joe started in with his "Go Habs Go" antics. Needless to say the listeners were not pleased:


Big E wanted to know if Joe goes to Vegas and roots for the house to win...

Even Montreal being shut out by the Rangers 2-0 didn't stop Joe. He double downed today, tricking us into playing a song that CHEERS on Montreal:


We're going to have to think up an appropriate punishment for Joe if the Rangers win Games 2 and 3 tonight and Sunday.

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