Guy Kicked Off Plane To Make Room For Crew

After a long trip sometimes you just want to go home. And no form of transportation makes that longing for your bed stronger than air travel. Between the ham-handed fisting from the TSA, the letting everyone board before you, the fat guy in the middle seat, and no-frills waiting rooms, the last thing you want to hear is "we are overbooked and need volunteers not to board".

So I can completely sympathize with the horrified passengers on the United flight who witnessed a man being dragged off the plane, as well as the man himself, who was physically bloodied by the encounter. Airline travel sucks.


But what will make it suck a whole lot less is the coming windfall this man is about to receive. Every news network is likely clamoring over each other to be the first to score an interview with him. Then the lawyers will start roshambo-ing each other for the opportunity to represent him in court. He's about to become a very rich and famous man. 

Maybe they'll even give him a record deal:

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