Take Me To The Movies: Going In Style, Smurfs

“Going In Style”…why re-make a 1979 movie??? Well, how can you NOT like a movie with Oscar winners Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin- plus a rare, though under-written performance by the still stunning Ann-Margret.

This is a sweet heist movie - sweeter than funny with the senior trio desperate for money when their pensions are cancelled by their ex-employer as their old factory moves operations to Vietnam. Zach Braff directed it- and you can tell how much he loves these guys- you just want to bring them all home with you.

2-and-a-half stars


“Colossal”… one of my colleagues calls it this year’s “The Lobster”, which was the strangest movie last year. This low budget indie film one is by far the weirdest movie I have seen in ’17. Oscar winner Anne Hathaway stars as an out-of-work party girl who’s thrown out by her boyfriend (“Downton Abbey’s” Dan Stevens). She leaves NYC for her small hometown where childhood friend  Jason Sudeikis hires her as a bartender- not the best job for a girl with a drinking problem.  Drinking is the least of her problems, though.  When a giant creature begins to terrorize South Korea (yes, really), our party girl realizes she is controlling its actions.  Told you it’s bizarre.  I think it’s a message of the consequences of  your actions, no matter how small.  Anne Hathaway aces any role she tackles and bravo for putting herself out there in this one-of-a-kinder. It’s actually a great 1st date  film because you’ll have so much to talk about after!

2-and-a-half stars


“Smurfs: the lost village”.. the 3rd in this franchise. Not getting great reviews.


“The Ticket”...Dan Stevens  competes with himself at the box office this week, starring as a blind guy married to a de-glammed Malin Akerman (most recently on “Billions”) whose life turns upside down when his sight suddenly returns.  He becomes a hotshot on the job (ripping off foreclosure victims) and basically becomes a real tool. You know the end from the  beginning. Oliver Platt stars as his bff.  Dan Stevens is the main reason to check this one out- great performance. It’s visually interesting at times.  Just way too simplified. 

1-and-a-half stars

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