Splitting The Check At A Group Dinner?

Grumpy Joe was invited to dinner by several coworkers who were also sequestered in the city due to Winter Storm Stella. On a side note, when did we start naming snow?

The dinner location, which was agreed upon before hand, was a fancy midtown-east steak and sushi house. All parties involved engaged in frivolity, mirth, and a general merriment. But for the meal, each ordered an entree from different price points, adult beverages ranging in price, and a few even ordered dessert. So when the check was left, "How are we doing this?" was the question posed.

Joe only ordered an entree and a beer. His total meal cost was much lower than everyone else. However, it was decided that the bill would be split evenly among all parties. It wound up costing Joe much, much more than what he actually owed. Hence the extra grumpiness this morning.

How do you deal with group dinners? Do you demand separate checks? Just go along with the group? Avoid them all together? Is Joe just being cheap?

Even worse, at one point the group suggested playing credit card roulette! Must be nice to have that kind of money!

.GIF credit: Team Coco

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