Truth Is Less Believable Than Fiction

The truth is less believable than the fiction. We made up one headline and hid it between several real ones. Can you spot the fake?

  • Canadian boy stripped of bowling title for color of pants
  • Austin man who was ‘having sex with a fence’ charged with exposure
  • Ex Soviet Official: Russia is embedding sexy spies to prevent Congressional inquiry into election hacking
  • Man Says He Was Fired for Playing the Cat Game from Super Troopers

Got a guess Comrade?

Well the CBC reported the first one. Grayson Powell was not allowed to win, even though he scored 171 points. The reason: his pants were grey, not black as the rules stated.

And Austin Texas continues to be weird, when Eleodoro Estala, 32, was arrested for indecent exposure after he was seen urinating on the side of a fence, making out with said fence, then beginning to “have sex with the fence”.

And do you remember the "Meow" game from Super Troopers?


In the r/TIFU subreddit, Redditor jdsupreme412 shared his story about that time he lost his job at a steakhouse all because of Super Troopers:

"Basically we would follow someone out to their table and when we placed  the customer's food down we would say something like 'here's your strip  steak meow.' Then, on a busy Saturday night, I followed a co-worker out  and dropped of his customer's food followed by a 'here's your chop  steak meow.' Apparently, the guy thought I called him ma'am, made a big  scene, called over our freshly hired new [general manager]...[I] was  fired before I left because he said he needed to make an example of me."

Well that just leaves one. With all the stories about the Russians and hacking, you'd think sending sexy spies to sleep with members of Congress isn't too out there. But like they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

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