Most Americans Prefer Steak Cooked Correctly, Not Well Done

A recent survey asserts that most Americans enjoy a nice, juicy steak, not a scorched one. And if you like well-done steak, you're weird and wrong and really should stop ruining perfectly good meat.

Okay, the survey didn't prove the last part, but we're still pretty sure we're right on that.

Writer Walt Hickey of statistics website FiveThirtyEight - who describes his preferred steak as one that could "very well recover from its wounds with proper bed rest" - sought out to find if the way people prefer their steak is based on any fear of taking risks.

"It stands to reason, from this side of medium, that one reason people prefer tougher, less juicy steaks is the threat of food-borne illness," writes Hickey.

On that count, he found absolutely no correlation.

But his survey did yield some interesting, if not encouraging, results: nearly 70 percent of Americans like their steak done medium-rare to medium. Another 8 percent prefer well done steak, compared to a teeny 5 percent who, like Hickey, drink beef blood like its fine wine.

Read the full FiveThirtyEight piece here.

View Hickey's graph below.

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