Road Safety Tips From Jimmy In Jersey City

Jimmy owns an auto repair shop in Jersey City. And while he'd love your post auto accident business, he'd much rather you stay safe. So he's come up with a list of 15 things you should be doing while driving. He hands this out to all of his customers.

My campaign to eradicate vehicle deaths and injury. Make copies of this and hand them out to everyone. This could save a life of a friend, family member or even your own life. A vehicle is a lethal weapon and should be handled as if it was a loaded gun. A vehicle is for getting from point A to point B safely, nothing else, not talking or texting on a cell phone, not eating a meal while driving and not reading a book, don’t laugh, I’ve seen it done. My name is Jim Ruggiero and I have been a commuter for the past 35 years and I completed  a course in Traffic Accident Investigation. Follow these “Rules of the Road” and we may never ever  see another auto accident again.  


1- Always know what’s around you before you start to move your vehicle.

2- Buckle your seat belt, adjust your mirrors, you know all that good stuff

3-SHUT YOUR CELL PHONE OFF. Even if you have a hands free cell phone, talking on a cell phone is distracting.  

4-Use your “Blinker”,” Directional signal” or “Turn signal” what ever you want to call it, JUST USE IT, anytime you enter or exit a highway, change lanes, turn into a driveway, pulling into a parking space, turning onto another street, anytime you’re taking your vehicle out of a lane or out of a straight line.

5- On city streets never drive over the speed limit, on highways we all drive over the speed limit but try not to go over 5 to 10 MPH of the posted speed limit.

6-Driving on the highway, always stay in the right lane, but if you must drive in the left lane, pull to the right when a vehicle comes up behind you and by all means DO NOT drive slower than the traffic around you in the left lane.

7-Never make a stupid move- If you have to think about a maneuver, it’s probably a bad one

8- Don’t drive on the shoulder of the road unless it’s to stop due to a mechanical failure or a flat tire

9-Also about that shoulder, don’t think just because you’re making a turn into a business or a street  that you can ride that shoulder for more than two car lengths, look at the shoulder’s white line, there’s usually an indentation marking the area for you to make that turn, and if not, use the two car rule, but make sure no one is coming up on your right and don’t forget to use your turn signal.

10-Use common sense and courtesy- Right hand turns have the right of way over left hand turns, so when you have an approaching vehicle at an intersection and you both have a stop sign, if you’re making a left and they’re making a right, they have the “Right of Way” unless they signal you to make your move first. That signal will be either a hand signal, or they will flash their high beam lights to you.

11-Speaking of “High Beam” lights- You should never drive with them on unless you are driving at night on a dark road without any approaching vehicles, and if you do encounter an approaching vehicle, click them to low beam until you have safely passed them.

12- Never ever drive with High Beam lights on in the rain, the glare from the high beam lights on the raindrops will act as a mirror and reflect back into your eyes, decreasing your visibility to see.

13-Two vehicles at a stop light, do you really have to beat the other person off the line? Are you racing them? Wait for the light to change to green, look both ways to make sure that everyone in every direction knows what color the lights are for them. Last thing you want is for a driver to come through a red light and cause an accident.

14- If you’re a smoker, STOP SMOKING, but if you must smoke, try not to smoke while driving, and if you must, be careful not to burn yourself that would cause you to take your eyes off the road, and DO NOT flick your lit cigarette out the window, it could start a fire or wind up on or in the vehicle behind you.

15- In bad weather, put your lights on, headlights, don’t rely on day time running lights

Please Drive Safe

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