4 Out Of 5 Q1043 Employees Can't Be Wrong

Yesterday, Grumpy Joe, Jim Kerr, Shelli Sonstien, and Maria Milito all asked Big E the same question, "Where's the Super Bowl Chili?" Big E couldn't understand the question. His reply, "I always bring it on the Tuesday." Yet all 4 remember as the day after. How is this possible?

There's actually an term for this unexplained phenomenon. It's called the Mandela Effect. Lots of people claim to remember watching Nelson Mandela's funeral back in the late 80s. But, the weird thing is, he died December 5th, 2013.

What's going on here? Parallel universe? Marty took the Delorean for a ride? Aliens implanting false memories in our heads? How can so many people remember something that didn't happen?

There are so many examples, it's almost frightening.

Remember in Casablanca when Humprey Bogart said "Play it again Sam"? Of course you do. Except, that's not what he said. In fact, it wasn't even him speaking that famously misquoted line.


WHAT?!?!?! Mind Blown!!

How about Mister Rogers. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn't it?


You're freaking me out man!! This neighborhood?!?!? THIS???

What's Darth Vader's famous line about being Luke's father?


No, not Star Wars too! That's Impossible! NOOOOO!!

Well at least the Berenstein Bears are ok... Wait what now???

This Crazy Conspiracy Theory About "The Berenstein Bears" Will Make You Question Everything You Know

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