Neil Young Says He's "Not Against" CSNY Reunion

Neil Young has left the door open for a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion, at least on his end.

"I think CSNY has every chance of getting together again," he told MOJO Magazine in a recent interview. "I'm not against it."

CSNY has long been wrought with friction between the members, not to mention Young's perceived lack of interest in nostalgia projects.

Young clarified that "a lot of things need to be settled. But that's what brothers and families are all about. We'll see what happens. I'm open. I don't think I'm a major obstacle."

Young remains friendly with Stephen Stills. But David Crosby and Graham Nash remain at-odds, with the former blaming the latter for destroying CSNY.

And then there was that incident in September when TMZ caught up with Nash at the airport and asked if he had talked it out with his former bandmates.

"F**k no!" he responded.

So, one thing is for sure: Neil Young is no longer the crankiest man in rock and roll.

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