NBA Player Accidentally Makes Dirty Joke in Postgame Interview (VIDEO)

It began innocently enough. 

Dwight Howard's Atlanta Hawks pulled out a close 119-114 win against the Chicago Bulls, and Hawks sideline reporter Olivia Harlan was interviewing the team's defensive anchor.

Howard was basically giving Harlan a stock pro athlete answer to her question when he uttered the phrase, "On the other end, we got some stops. Our 'D' was good tonight."

The center was referring to his team's defense, but 23-year-old point guard Dennis Schröder (standing by to Harlan's left) took the phrase way into the gutter.

Apparently noting Schröder's mouth agape at the (probably accidental) double entendre, Howard made another very intentional 'D' joke. 

Schröder's reaction is priceless!

And for her part, Harlan handled the situation with aplomb, or she just didn't get it. 

Photo: Getty Images

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