Boy Scout Leader Must Have An Iron Stomach

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, brave, and has an iron stomach? One assistant scoutmaster in Texas probably does. In a effort to raise scholarship money for his troop, he downed 23 ghost peppers on video.

According to the video, his attempt took place 20 hours earlier and the man was in bed with "really, really bad stomach pains" after being "sick at both ends."

"Do not try this at home," scoutmaster Gayne Young says.

The footage then cuts to the previous day, when Johnny began to casually eat the peppers.


I'd say this is dumb. Really dumb. I once tried the Cluck-U hot wing challenge. It didn't end well...

But Homer Simpson did give us advice on hot to ingest insanity peppers. Maybe this guy remembers that episode as well:

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