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Ozzy On His Future: 'I Will Get Back On Tour If It F---ing Kills Me'

Closing Ceremony - Commonwealth Games: Day 11

Photo: Getty Images Europe

Ozzy Osbourne is making progress in his recovery from a 2019 spinal injury and is as confident as ever that he will get in good enough shape to complete some version of his long-suspended farewell tour.

A late-night fall at home three years ago aggravated a years old spinal injury Ozzy suffered in a 2003 ATV accident. The resulting series of surgeries and rehab to correct the damage derailed Ozzy's live performing career.

In a new interview with The Sun, Ozzy himself explains that the neck injury is the only thing that's kept him from resuming his tour. Ozzy hasn't been healthy enough to tour during the COVID pandemic, and his Parkinson's disease (which he revealed in early-2020) is so mild it's a non-issue, he says.

"Never have I been laid up so bad for so long," said the Black Sabbath cofounder. "It's breaking Sharon's heart to see me like this, but I will get back on tour if it f---ing kills me."

The first neck surgery after Ozzy's fall only left him in "agony." Two subsequent procedures — the latest of which was in June — have him much more optimistic.

"I go forward two inches and back one, but I'm doing it," he says of his recovery.

Ozzy shocked the world on Monday when — only weeks after spinal surgery — he performed "Paranoid" with Tony Iommi at the closing ceremonies of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which took place in the pair's hometown of Birmingham.

Iommi later told a local newspaper that while he never expected Ozzy to make the trip, the performance seemed to lift Ozzy's spirits considerably.

Ozzy says he hasn't watched the footage. For now, video of himself performing only reminds him of how far he's fallen, and how much he has left to do.

If he does get back to his old self, Ozzy says it will be thanks to his wife, kids and all the people around him (including Iommi) who have supported him during a rough few years.

"I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am," he said.

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