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Ozzy Osbourne To Undergo 'Major Operation' On Monday To Repair His Neck

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Ozzy Osbourne is preparing to undergo what his wife Sharon Osbourne is calling a "very major operation," which will "determine the rest of his life."

Sharon, who made her latest comments on her show British television show TalkTV, told co-host Venessa Feltz that she is returning to Los Angeles this week to be at her husband's side when he goes in for surgery Monday, June 13.

She added that their 40th wedding anniversary is coming up on July 4, and their son Jack Osbourne has another child on the way this month.

Plans to celebrate all hinge on the results of Ozzy's surgery, she says.

Ozzy himself confirmed last month that he was indeed waiting on another neck operation. He told Classic Rock in May that he still "can't walk properly" three years after severely injuring his neck in a trip-and-fall.

The Prince of Darkness will go in for surgery about six weeks after recovering from COVID.

While Ozzy has continued making new music during his long recovery from injury — his 13th solo album is due in September. There was some optimism last fall that Ozzy would be road-worthy by the winter, but he wasn't able to make enough progress. Performing live again remains a huge motivator for the rocker.

Ozzy's longtime sideman Zakk Wylde recently told Metal Hammer that his boss isn't making more touring plans until he's gotten this operation out of the way.

"Oz is singing great too," Wylde said of the forthcoming album, "so hopefully, once he's had this last surgery we can glue him back together and get him out on the road doing what he loves. That's the game plan right now."

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