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Roger Waters Warns David Gilmour That He's Writing A Memoir

Roger Waters and David Gilmour's long-lasting feud will no longer prevent the band's reissue of its remixed 1977 studio album, Animals, and has only fueled the Pink Floyd bassist's imperative to tell the band's true story in his autobiography.

The Animals reissue has been held up for two years as Waters and Gilmour wrestled over — of all things — the liner notes. Waters says Gilmour objected to them being included on the reissue so as to preserve Pink Floyd's mystique.

Waters, who often accuses Gilmour of overstating his creative contributions to Pink Floyd, says he finally agreed to exclude the liner notes from the Animals reissue in order to have it see the light of day.

The truth of Pink Floyd will be revealed in his forthcoming memoir, he said. And in a sly twist, he released journalist Mark Blake's notes here via his official website.

"I had a lot of time on my hands over the last year, and I thought, 'Bugger me. If I don't [write my memoir] now, I'll probably never do it," he said in an announcement.

In the same blog post as Blake's "redacted" liner notes, Waters revealed an excerpt from his memoir in which he is highly critical of Gilmour's "false" Pink Floyd narrative, specifically in regards to the odd-meter groove in one of the band's most iconic songs, "Money."

“As chance would have it I was doing a bit of delving in a book of press clippings and came across an interview David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine did with DG in a hotel room in NY in 1982, DG’s talking about the cash register tape for the defining 7/8 rhythm on 'Money.' The interview was published in Musician Magazine, so even back then DG was sowing the seeds of the false narrative. I quote this bit of the article verbatim..."

Following Gilmour's quote, Waters impugns the guitarist for having "no f---ing idea what he’s talking about" because he wasn't present when the tape loop for "Money" was created.

"The full story of what really happened is in my memoirs," Waters teased.

There is no release date yet announced for Waters' book.

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