Mick Jagger Teases New Song, 'Pride Before A Fall'

Mick Jagger is teasing what many assume to be a forthcoming Rolling Stones single.

In a clip uploaded to Jagger's officials social media accounts on Thursday, the frontman is singing into a mic in what looks like his living room but could well be the most tastefully decorated recording studio in the world.

Jagger's caption reads simply, "Pride Before A Fall."

It's difficult to distinguish the lyrics, but as one line contains the phrase "too much tweetin'," it would appear that Jagger is making allusions to President Trump, with Election Day in the U.S. coming next week.

Other than Keith Richards' recent statements in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Stones have typically resisted weighing in on U.S. politics. Jagger, however, is one of many famous musicians who've been critical of the Trump campaign's insistence on using Rolling Stones at political rallies, despite the band's objections.

It's also unclear whether "Pride Before a Fall" is a new solo Jagger track or a Stones tune.

Jagger and the Stones released one new song, "Living in a Ghost Town," last spring and then dropped an expanded reissue of Goats Head Soup over the summer.

In interviews surrounding the new releases, the band members have affirmed that they are working on a new album, despite living in relative isolation due to the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Getty Images