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'Sandman' or 'Puppets'? Metallica Asks Fans To Name The Band's Best Song

Metallica wants to know what its greatest song is, and who better to tell the band than its loyal fans?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band's latest attempt at keeping people entertained during worldwide lockdowns is the 'Some Kind of Bracket,' which pits 32 pairs of songs against one another in a March Madness-style tournament of sorts to crown the single greatest Metallica song of all-time.

By the looks of the bracket, the band will have a winner by the end of June.

"Vote on daily match-ups in our Instagram Stories and on Facebook until we crown the champ!" Metallica beckoned.

Covers are understandably excluded from the bracket. The band later explained that seeding was based on the number of digital streams a song had earned, weighed with the number of times it has been performed live.

There's little doubt that the band's iconic 1991 hit "Enter Sandman" and its 1986 progressive masterpiece "Master of Puppets" are on a collision course for the title, but the fun is in how you get there.

It'll be interesting to see what rises to the top from the haircuts-era of the band. The bracket is structured in such a way that something from the band's polarizing mid-'90s albums is likely to advance at least to the final 8. While Load (1996) and ReLoad (1997) were widely criticized at the time, a new generation of Metallica fans has warmed up to songs like "Fuel" and "King Nothing."

Rock the vote on Facebook or Instagram and don't forget to enjoy Metallica Mondays every Monday night until we all can go outdoors again.

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