Musician Programs A.I. To Write AC/DC Lyrics, Unveils 'Great Balls'

AC/DC always prided itself on providing a soundtrack to good times.

The heavy rock legends authored a staggering number of iconic tunes over the past five decades and their lyrics have always included a touch of irony.

So while computers can make music now on their own, artificial intelligence has a long way to go when it comes to grasping humor, double-entendre and naughty turns of phrase. But that naivety is exactly what makes YouTuber Funk Turkey's recent A.I. project so hysterical.

Funk Turkey dumped nearly every AC/DC lyric in existence into an A.I. and made it write him a song. He then composed music to it using some variations on classic AC/DC riffs and sang it in his most convincing Brian Johnson impersonation (which he noted is "extremely hard" to pull off).

The result is even more confusing than you can imagine. Each line resembles a patchwork of existing AC/DC lyrics but with an unfathomable twist. Funk Turkey did a great job with the music, too.

Listen to "Great Balls" in the player above or here.

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