Watch Filipino Metal Singer Suffer the Ultimate On Stage Fail


No one can accuse Filipino metal band Illumina of phoning it in when they're performing live.

During a show this summer, band front woman Jah Zell suffered one of the most incredible on stage fails in rock and roll history, and still she just kept on going.

Video the band posted of the incident shows Jah in peak rock goddess form, windmilling furiously as strobe lights pulse along with her band. But then she loses her balance and — well, we think you'll enjoy it more if you just watch for yourself.  

Check out the footage in the video above, which was posted by the band on its official Facebook page.

Without spoiling anything, you should know that Jah wasn't seriously hurt. She even laughed about the incident later, stating in the caption something that roughly translates to, "I believe when you fall you will get a star in heaven. Do you want to try?"

Whether or not she forgave her bass player for doing literally nothing to help is unclear. 

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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