The Franchise "We Didn't Start The Fire" MSG

And the run of fun for "The Franchise" Billy Joel continues!  Want the numbers? January will begin year number 6 in this amazing home stand for Billy with gig number 60! And if you're counting along with us that would be concert number 106 at New York's Madison Square Garden for his illustrious career! WOW! Tickets are on sale for Thursday January 24th but all this weekend you can win them from us, the official station for Billy Joel tickets at MSG!! "We Didn't Start The Fire" makes it on to many a set-list for Billy and the band and that's the opportunity for Billy to get up from behind the piano and get some licks in on his guitar! Here's a recent performance from his run at his NYC apartment just about a year ago, 12/20/17! Good luck winning your tickets all weekend long from New York's Concert Station, Q1043!

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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