Gov't Mule Covers "Hush"

As you could tell with how chilly it got yesterday summer is in DEED over and time to get to all those fall traditions and winter ones too!  And one of those is certainly the annual return of Warren Haynes And Gov't Mule to The Beacon Theater December 29th and NYE the 31st! Warren has a crazy cool appreciation of so much of our collective rock n roll soundtrack and he can whip out curve balls and change ups and any moment! And he and The Mule will crush them! Here they are doing their thing with Deep Purple! Get ready to win tickets for both nights at The Beacon Theater holiday time all weekend long! And please please please, if you haven't signed up for The Q Workforce yet, do so, because there is nothing worse than telling a Q Listener that they won but I can't get them into the bonus round for FRONT ROW SEATS because they didn't take 2 minutes to take care of biz! Do it at and click on Workforce and work your magic!  Good luck all weekend long from New York's Concert Station, Q1043!

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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