The Eagles "Life In The Fast Lane" Classic East

So those Eagle's dates are finally here! Congratulations to all the Q1043 listeners who've won their way in to MSG or The Rock this coming week.  You've been sitting and waiting patiently for a while now.  And if you are not currently sitting with tickets, well here is your Last Chance Weeknd, sort of a Last Resort??  Nod Nod, wink wink? We've got tickets for MSG and The Prudential Center all weekend long! You're participation in The Q Workforce gets you in the running for the big bad-ass upgrade to the front row at The Rock! If you still haven't joined the Q Workforce it takes 2 minutes at  Just go there and look for WORKFORCE and click and do your thang! Here's "Life In The Fast Lane" from The Classic East at Citi Field.

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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